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July 26, 2014

From a Small Ceramic Art Company to a Worldwide Collectible Leader

Snow Babies Collection 5The attraction of collectibles is irresistible. People of all ages are drawn to them. One of the best is the type called Lenox collectibles. It is possible that you too bought one to be kept in your house or to be given to someone as a gift. You may also be thinking of buying one. Whatever it is, you will benefit from gathering some basic information about them. It is sure to help you in future as well.

The name is synonymous with quality and perfection. The pieces are renowned worldwide among collectors. The brand offers china and crystal collections. Since they are very popular, they are found in fine shops and major department stores.

At first the company made only quality tableware and in 1918, its dinnerware had become the first American china collection to be used at the White House. Then the company turned to the manufacture of figurines in a big way. Today, the company produces figurines which match the best in the market in quality, perfection and artistic beauty.

July 30, 2014

Downtown Disney Shopping Options – Snow Babies Collection

If you got tired already of visiting all four Disney theme parks and even cooled off with the two water parks that they have to offer, why not just party, shop, dine over at the Downtown Disney Area. The area is divided into three sections namely Downtown Disney West Side, Downtown Disney Marketplace, and Pleasure Island. In this article we take a look on some of the shops and boutiques that you might consider doing some wonderful purchases. They have a variety of items to offer and would fit your reasonable budget. Here is the second installment of the shops in Downtown Disney.

The Art of Disney – You don’t have to be an art connoisseur appreciate art. Here in the Art of Disney, you can shop for original paintings, sculptures, collectible figurines, lithographs, limited edition Sericels and many more. This shop caters to all types of budgets from the high end ones even to those that are reasonably priced.

Snow Babies Collection 4Once Upon a Toy Store – Whenever you see an entrance that is made out of Lincoln Logs and Tinker toys, it is definitely a fun place to shop. This toy store is perfect for the young and young at heart. You can find every Disney themed toy that you want. Even the monorail system has its own incredible display in miniature that is part of the shop. You can find every Disney DVD that you can purchase to enjoy it over and over again. There are almost 300+ selections in their binder that you can create your own Disney Collection.

Disney’s Days of Christmas – You can visit this shop in all seasons, but during the holiday season this makes it more special. You can find some Santa Hats, Christmas stockings and more Disney character ornaments. There are even more collections like train sets, snow babies, movies, books and a whole lot more. You can even have that Traditional Glass Mickey Head that can be personalized for extra dollars. They even sell some edibles like cocoa, coffee, cookies and peppermint bark. There are so many choices but so little time and you might spend the whole morning looking for the right holiday memorabilia.

July 23, 2014

Snowbabies Figurines – Great Collections For Every Kid

There are snowbabies figurines and then there are Snowbabies figurines. Early in the twentieth century, German artisans began producing white figurines modeled in white bisque, primarily featuring children at play. These original ‘snowbabies’, as they came to be called, were very popular and soon inspired the production of mass-produced knock offs.

Disruptions occurred in production owing to the World Wars and the hard times in Germany between the wars, and the quality of these old snow babies is quite uneven. However, those original high quality snowbabies are very much in demand among collectors. Much later, in the 1990′s, production of high quality figurines in the old style and familiar themes was re-introduced, and such items are also in demand.

In the mid-1980′s a new line of ‘Snowbabies from Department 56′ began to be produced in the United States. These are based on the work of talented artist Kristi Jensen Pierro, who claimed that the original models were inspired by her own children. These became quite good sellers, and over time the line has expanded to include bunnies, a perennial favorite among collectors of the several most in demand figurine manufacturers, as well as a variety of movie-inspired and other themes.Snow Babies Collection 2

Rising to meet the demands of a hungry market place, eventually Christmas and Easter themed figurines began to appear. Other figurines available are based on such popular activities as knitting and fishing.

Following the standard marketing techniques for collectibles of all descriptions, new models are introduced, sold for a more or less limited time, and then discontinued. Naturally, new models are in development at all times and introduced into the life cycle as before, often carrying on a thematic tradition established by their forebears.

Serious collectors of all Snowbabies are always trying to fill holes in their collections. Other, with a more casual interest, may find a discontinued item that catches their fancy. There are websites that cater to both types of persons, and naturally, there are always people looking to trade in their possessions and offer unique items from time to time in on-line auctions. These types of figurines are often sold on eBay for prices that can vary widely. If you are looking to place a value on a collection you already own, you may want to consult a price guide and then compare those numbers with what the items actually sell for on the auction site. For more information, please visit packing cube.